Privacy Policy

Welcome to Cord Stones Technologies Limited, where the privacy and security of our users are of the utmost importance. We are dedicated to providing services and software that reflect this commitment. This Privacy Statement has been thoughtfully crafted to provide transparency regarding how we collect, store, utilize, manage, and protect user information, including personal details, as users engage with our mobile applications on the Android operating system.

For Call Recorder

The master account behind a suite of exceptional products and services, including Call Recorder, CallerID, and Callfree. This Privacy Policy is designed to clarify how we, as Call Team, manage and safeguard the information we collect and receive in connection with your usage of our products, software, services, and websites, including Call Recorder. Our primary aim in collecting this information is to enhance and refine our offerings, ensuring that you have the best experience possible with us.

Our Pledge

At Cord Stones Technologies Limited, safeguarding your privacy is our unwavering pledge. This policy aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how we collect, use, and protect your personal information as you interact with our Applications and Services. We define "personal information" as data that can directly identify you or, when combined with other available data, facilitate your identification. This information includes, but is not limited to, your name, address, contact number, and email address.


We urge you to read this policy attentively before using or accessing our Services. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you endorse our methods of collecting, storing, using, and disclosing your information, in accordance with the guidelines laid out in the following sections. It's important to note that if you disagree with any aspect of this Privacy Policy, you should refrain from using our service.

What Information do We Collect?

Information You Choose to Provide

The following categories of information are collected by us only with your explicit consent, under the umbrella of permissions granted by Google. We utilize this information to deliver a superior product and service via our Call Recorder application:

Personal Information: When you create a user account for our Call Recorder Service, we gather personal details such as your language preferences, contact information, and phone number.

Payment Information: If you opt for a paid service, we also collect payment details for billing purposes.

User Communications: When you engage in telephone calls using our Services, we are obligated to capture telephony log information, including the caller's and receiver's numbers, call timestamps, call duration, routing details, and call types.

Call Phone: With your agreement, you can initiate phone calls directly from our Call Recorder application.

Get Contacts: We may access your Gmail contacts list for login purposes.

Read Contacts: Your recorded call data will be organized based on how you store contact numbers, enhancing the convenience of our app.

Write External Storage: We store call recordings in your local memory to fulfill your request.

Content: This includes recorded audio, phone status, system alert window, and contact access. For instance, if you choose to paste content from your clipboard into the app, we will access this clipboard data to accommodate your request. Similarly, when you consent to call phone functionality, you can make calls within our app, and you can view your call history directly within the app if you agree to read contacts.

Third-Party Applications or Services: We may collect information about you and others from third-party applications or services accessible through our platform. For instance, you can link your existing social media accounts (e.g., Google+) to your Call Team account. The data shared from your social media account, contingent on your permissions and public information, is used to create an account for you on our Service.

Information We Obtain from Other Sources

In addition to the information you provide, we may also obtain information from external sources, including:

Login Services: If you choose to link or sign up through a third-party social network or login service, such as Google, we may gather information from these services, including your contact lists and related usage information.

Third-Party Services: We may acquire information about you from third-party services, such as advertising partners, data providers, and analytics providers.

Information We Collect Automatically

When you interact with our application, we automatically collect certain information:

Device Information: Information such as Device ID, Advertiser ID, browser settings, device specifications, and operating system (e.g., Android 10 or 11) is collected when you access our website or use our software.

Usage Information: We gather data regarding your activity on our Services, including service-related, diagnostic, and performance information. This encompasses information about your activities, crashes, performance logs, and reports.

Your Consent

By using our applications and services, you acknowledge and consent to the provisions of this policy, including the collection, processing, disclosure, and sharing of your user information, including personal details. If you do not agree with any aspect of this policy or any prospective updates, we kindly request that you refrain from using our software or services.

Data Collection

We gather information about you through various means, including your direct submissions, interactions with our products and services, and third-party sources. This information may include your name, email address, demographic data, and other contact details.

Collection of Personal Data

Additionally, we may collect non-personal identification data, such as insights about installed applications, records of software usage, and device specifications. Voluntary information you provide, such as your email address and name when giving feedback about our Applications and Services, is also collected. The purposes served by the collected data encompass:

Provision, maintenance, and enhancement of our services

Communication of modifications to our services

Monitoring and resolution of technical issues relating to service utilization.

Information Sharing & Disclosure

We are steadfast in our commitment to never sell your personal data to third parties. Sharing or disclosure of your information will only occur under these circumstances:

Safeguarding the security of others

Prevention of online fraudulent activities

Upholding the lawful rights of our users

Adherence to pertinent laws and regulations.

Data provided by You

Location Information

We may collect location data from your device, including country codes, latitude and longitude coordinates, network locations, IP addresses, and system country and time zone specifications. This information helps us understand user usage patterns and access behaviors.

Log Information

We may automatically gather pertinent log data recorded within the Application during your interaction with some of our app’s services (“Log Information”). This could include:

Particulars about your usage of the Services

System metrics, like significant activity paths, errors, crashes, language preferences, and time zones.

This Log Data enhances the Services and is not utilized for individual user identification.

Data Retention & Erasure

We will retain your information for the necessary duration to deliver our products and services, in alignment with applicable legal mandates. If you desire to revoke your consent or request data deletion, kindly email us at


Within the realm of Cord Stones Technologies Limited, the integration of advertisements into our Services is a common practice. To effectively monitor these ads, we gather and employ specific information about you. This includes your user identifier, MAC address, IMEI, geographic location, and IP address. This data amalgamation assists in constructing a distinctive user profile, enabling us to accurately track and quantify ads based on factors such as language and geographic location. Importantly, we want to clarify that we do not trade this information with third parties. Notably, our free apps may exhibit third-party advertisements. For a deeper understanding of their privacy practices, please refer to the privacy policy of our advertising partners:

. Google AdMob

. Unity Ads

To eliminate ads from the app, we recommend upgrading to the Pro edition.

Information Collected by Third-Party Services

In our Services, we may utilize tracking tools from third-party service providers. These entities may collect and analyze user data on our behalf using mechanisms such as Cookies, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Software Development Kits (SDKs). These tools could access your device identifier, MAC address, IMEI, area (as determined by language preferences), location data, and IP address. Their access is subject to their respective privacy policies, and it aids in furnishing services within our offerings.

How We Utilize Information

The data collection described in “The Information We Collect” serves various purposes:

Services: To provide, manage, enhance, and expand our products and services, which include customer support and other offerings accessible through our devices or websites.

Statistical Analysis: To generate and assess statistics regarding the utilization of our products and services, ultimately enhancing and optimizing them.

Location-based Services: During the use of our services, we or third-party providers might utilize your location information to offer you the latest iterations of our services and heighten your user experience.

Feedback Collection: We value your feedback, which aids us in refining our services. We will initiate contact with you and maintain records using the personal information you provide, thereby keeping track of your insights.

Other Aims: Information retention allows us to fulfill our business and legal obligations.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We are committed to not selling your personal data to third parties. Information sharing or disclosure shall occur only under extraordinary circumstances, such as:

Safeguarding others’ security and property

Preventing or addressing internet-based fraud

Upholding the rightful rights and interests of our users

Complying with the objectives outlined in our Terms of Service.

Additionally, we may divulge information to conform with laws, regulations, or requests from governmental bodies or judicial authorities. This is done to uphold internet security, ensure net neutrality, and safeguard our rights, property, and safety. Recipients of such information are bound by this policy and obligated to adequately protect your information.

Information Security

We undertake appropriate measures to shield your data from loss, unauthorized access, misuse, or leaks. However, it’s important to acknowledge that despite our efforts, 100% internet security is not always guaranteed. While we implement encryption techniques (such as SSL) in some services to protect your personal data, the inherent risks in the internet industry mean we can’t assure absolute security of your information. By using our services via devices or communication networks, you comprehend and accept that we are not accountable for any security lapses.

Special Considerations for Brazilian LGPD and California Residents

If you’re a California resident, you have the right to request a list of third parties to whom we’ve disclosed or shared your personal data in the past year, without incurring any charges. To request this list, please send an email to “” with the subject “California Resident Privacy Right.”

Data Retention and Deletion

To ensure optimal Services, we’ll retain your information, including personal particulars, for the necessary duration as per our privacy policy and applicable laws. If you wish to retract your consent or seek the removal of your personal information, kindly email us at “” We’ll promptly process your request and cease collecting, utilizing, and disclosing your personal data as appropriate.

Children's Privacy

Upholding the privacy of children is paramount. We knowingly refrain from collecting or soliciting personal data from children under the age of 13 (or any other age specified by relevant law in your region). If you’re a parent or guardian and suspect that we’ve gathered information from a child under 13, please get in touch with us at “”

Changes to this Policy

This privacy policy may be updated in compliance with pertinent laws, regulations, and our business decisions. We’ll provide notification through our website or other means for significant changes. If you have inquiries or concerns about this privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at “”